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4 Best Apps For Cyclists

4 Best Apps For Cyclists

“When I think of apps for cyclists MapMyRide comes to mind right away, an app designed to analyse your training and help to improve your performance. However this kind of cycling app isn’t the only one you should keep an eye out for. Here in this article I’ll lay out the best cycling apps that range from working out the least polluted route for you to take, calculating your optimum speed level, first aid guidance and even what clothes to wear according to the weather. Have a look and I’m sure you’ll be appy to download one of these!


1. Cycle Tracker Pro

This app will turn your smartphone into the ultimate cycling companion. It includes GPS-enabled real-time maps, plus long-term route tracking, interval tracking, calorie burn counter and a fully customizable screen with maps and graphics. Wow! It syncs with Google Maps, so you’ll always roll in the right direction, and also synchronizes with your music so you can listen to that pump up playlist to get you pedalling!

2. MTB Project

Have you ever gone mountain biking and at some point realised that without a guide or experienced rider with you, you have no idea where you’re really going? Well, using this app can help you find the best routes, experienced guide or not! Download maps so you can use it offline, then you can zoom in and find out everything about the route you’re on: GPS tracking, interactive features, photos and so much more. The offline mode is particularly useful considering it’s a mountain biking app so you might just find yourself without reception.

3. Bike Repair

Does what it says on the tin. If you ever suffer a breakdown, be it a broken chain or punctured tyre, this app gives you an in depth explanation of what’s wrong and a step by step process of how to fix it. There’s tutorials, tips and tricks and even a weather feature which gives you suggestions on what to wear.

4. St John First Aid For Cyclists

This app provides a guideline for dealing with most medical emergencies that could befall a cyclist, whether head wounds, muscle or bone injuries as well as bleeding. The idea is to help cyclists provide first aid to themselves or someone else in case of a bad injury out on the road.”

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