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5 Things Your Mechanic Secretly Hates

5 Things Your Mechanic Secretly Hates

“For many of us our bike becomes a very special thing in our lives, even an extension of our own body! Because of this, it’s easy to become close with the person who handles the maintenance and well-being of our special companion. They welcome you with a smile, listen carefully to your problems and are always willing to help. Despite this friendship with our mechanic and the love we have for our bikes, we often overlook some of the advice we’re given. With all that said, here’s the top things that secretly get the goat of your mechanic.


1. Neglected chains

It’s common for bikes to come in to the mechanic’s with chains that haven’t been oiled this century, or worse, when the oil has been applied but hasn’t been cleaned properly. To preserve the life cycle of our chain, it’s important to frequently clean and lubricate it. By applying a degreaser you can remove old oil as well as all the accumulated dirt from the road.

2. Dirty sprockets

Another pet peeve for mechanics is getting to work on a broken bike with dirty sprockets. Whenever you decide to clean the chain, you should clean the sprockets while you’re at it.

3. Jammed seat post

There’s nothing worse than trying to pull out a jammed seat. If you’re lucky it comes out with a little elbow grease, but in some extreme cases it might be necessary to use special heat techniques. To prevent your seat post from sticking to the frame you should clean it regularly and apply a little grease before putting it back in.

4. Unadjusted brakes

If your brakes start to male strange noises or you think there’s problems in braking, it’s better to check that they’re properly adjusted. If you go years without doing this then it really does become a problem, so don’t wait until they literally stop braking!

5. Neglected tyres

If your mechanic tells you to check the air pressure in your tyres each time you ride, you should probably listen to him. If the air pressure is too low it increases the likelihood of a puncture, if it’s too high you’ll have less grip on the road.

If you take note of these grievances on behalf of mechanics everywhere, you’ll make their job less difficult while also avoiding potentially nasty problems that could involve a high cost of repair. You might be seeing your mechanic friend less often but your wallet and your bike will thank you!”

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